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Social Service

BCOM provides the following social services to newly arrived refugees:

Connection to ongoing community resources:

  • Child care services
  • Health services
  • Social groups
  • Emergency and/or crisis services (shelter, domestic violence)
  • Other needed public assistance services.


  • Helps households who are at risk of losing permanent housing find and utilize resources available to them
  • Connect with unsubsidized housing or subsidized housing services

Secondary resettlement support

  • Provide resources to those who relocate to Minnesota from another state
  • Assist with access to public benefits
  • Provide basic needs support
  • Health plan enrollment assistance
  • Help with registration of children at school


  • Help new arrivals learn to navigate the transportation system
  • Support in obtaining driving permits, completion of drivers training, and obtaining a driver’s license.


  • Assist with the application for permanent residence (Green Card) and citizenship
  • Provide preparation for the citizenship test