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Brief history of Bhutanese in MN

The Bhutanese refugee population is one of the newest refugee groups to have resettled in Minnesota. Bhutanese have been in Minnesota since 2008. Most of the Bhutanese are living in Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Roseville. More than 100,000 Nepali speaking Southern Bhutanese (also known as Lhotshampas) were rendered stateless in the early 1990s as a result of the atrocities committed by Royal Government of Bhutan towards its people through the implementation of discriminatory policies under the slogan “One nation one people”. Lhotshampas had been living (many are still living) in the UNHCR managed camps in Nepal since 1991 before being resettled in the United States and other countries like Canada, Australia, the U.K., Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. More 80,000 Lhotshampas have already been resettled around the world since 2008. Out of about 70,000 Bhutanese resettled in the United States, approximately 1,300 have made Minnesota their home.

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