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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of BCOM is to serve Bhutanese refugee families in their growth as new Americans on the pillars of community, culture and hope.

Our Vision

The long-term vision we are working towards is, “Over a period of a few years the Bhutanese Community Organization of Minnesota (BCOM) will establish a welcoming Community Center that will serve as the site for community gatherings and staff offices and services. BCOM services and programs will attract a range of immigrants and refugees. Some services may be provided at the Center including resettlement support, elder support, mentoring, immigration, financial education, and health care system information and referral. Resettlement services will be provided in partnership with a multitude of government and nonprofit agencies and faith communities throughout the Twin Cities and Mid Western region at-large. BCOM will also begin to offer classes on the Bhutanese language, arts and crafts, dance, and music to ensure that the Bhutanese culture is appreciated and understood by all. BCOM will work to empower the Bhutanese community to become integrated into the economic and social life of the Twin Cities, and at the same time work to maintain the cultural richness of the community.”